Dear Parents,

we believe that your child will love our STACJA EDUKACJA and will come to us every day with a huge  smile. We make every effort to be sure that our preschoolers are provided with proper care and with tenderness thus making them feel safe here. We are a bilingual institution providing learning and amusement in small groups under the guidance of our qualified teaching staff.  

In our facility children participate in regular educational and developmental activities. We provide our children a friendly space and modern equipment adapted to their needs. Our psychologist and speech therapist support the development of our preschoolers. We employ a qualified teaching staff, and we make every effort to minimize any noticed educational difficulties. We treat each child individually, and we always try to implement new and interesting methods supporting their development.

We welcome children aged 1 through 6. Our nurseries and preschools are located in: Mokotów (Pory 60 street), Ursynów (Transportowców 1 street), Targówek (Rembrandta 1 street), Białołęka (Kobiałka 86 street) and Ząbki (Kwiatowa street) . Opening hours are from Monday to Friday, from 7.00 am till 6 pm. If you need more information please don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail

What make us special?

  • We are a bilingual facility with educational courses in Polish and English. Moreover, we also teach Spanish. We organize various workshops and projects related to multicultural education.
  • We are an integrated facility. We support the development of every child, including children with specific learning difficulties. We employ specialists and therapists who prepare and organize a complex therapy and an Individualized Education Program for each child. We offer a variety of specialized courses.
  • We offer an adaptation program.
  • We employ experienced, kind and passionate teaching staff.
  • We provide homely atmosphere and education in small groups.
  • We have cameras in all of our classrooms.
  • We are located in a safe and quiet neighborhood.
  • Our speech therapist and child psychologist take care of the preschoolers. We also employ a sensory integration therapist.
  • Our tuition fee covers a variety of classes: math for children, educational classes in Polish and English, Spanish classes, eurhythmics classes, physiotherapy exercises, young traveler’s workshops, cooking classes, classes developing emotional and social behavior, “Zippy’s Friends”, group speech therapy, fairy tale therapy, art classes, savoir vivre classes, psychologist guidance, screening tests organized by speech therapist and sensory integration therapist.
  • We offer a variety of additional educational, artistic and sports classes. Some of them are also prepared for older children and take place during weekends. We also organize thematic birthday parties.
  • A non-public psychological-pedagogical counseling STACJA EDUKACJA, cooperating with the kindergarten, supports the development of each person, providing psychological and pedagogical care for children, youth, and adults. We provide: full psychological and pedagogical diagnostics, educational counseling, psychotherapy, sensory integration therapy, group training, hand therapy, speech therapy. We also work with students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dysorthography and dyscalculia. We also offer help online and home classes. We work in Polish and English.

English reception
530 33 77 22

from Monday to Friday
open 8 am - 4 pm
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